About Our Cause

     In 2010, The Kristen Renee foundation was formed, after my daughter, Kristen, died at the age of 30 from an aggressive brain tumor, and then just 18 months later her mother died from an aggressive cancer in her kidneys. That is when our investigation began of where the two lived, which happened to be across the fence from the base Fort Detrick. We had genetic testing done to find out that this was NOT a gene mutation in the family.

     The Kristen Renee Foundation then pursued testing of the tumor tissue to find out from pathology that these cancers were in fact caused by environmental contamination! We surveyed the area to find out that, unfortunately, we were not the only families affected by the contamination of the base. We found over 2000 people within a few mile radius of the base, also had very aggressive rare cancers.

     Fort Detrick, the center of the US biological weapons program, and today is home of the Army medical research and material command conducted research development of the deadliest viruses and bio chemical weapons such as the plague, anthrax, agent orange, etc. What we found out was that the waste from the deadly cocktails, was improperly buried in 55 gallon drums which eventually broke down and leaked into the ground soil and water of the surrounding communities and homes of innocent people.  The Kristen Renee Foundation has had numerous contact with the officials of the base to tell of our findings, to question their actions past and present and to warn of the ongoing current contamination reaching thousands.

     Just two years ago The Kristen Renee Foundation fought again in the US fourth circuit Court of Appeals based on the fact that Fort Detrick should be held liable for breaking the clean water act! We warned those judges that the contamination was still leaking into thousands of people’s homes... The court throughout our case claiming that the base had sovereign immunity. Fast-forward two years and July 15, 2019 the CDC has shut the base down indefinitely due to groundwater contamination!! Unfortunately the public has still not been made aware of all of the specifics. The public is owed this important information to protect themselves, to protect their children, to protect their loved ones!

     The Kristen Renee Foundation started this investigation nine years ago and will continue to fight until we get all the truth! Join us, support us. We urge you to write to your senators and Congress today!!! Stand with us for what’s right!