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Friday, March 11, 2011

We have great news!!  Some of you have been completing the claim95 form and the army has reported that they have received several over the past couple of weeks.   This means that the army is being put on notice that they will no longer be able to dismiss responsibility for what they have done to our community!

If you have completed your sf-95 form and mailed it directly to the army, please forward a copy of it to us as well. This will help us to ensure timely responses and follow up on them and this helps us keep the database updated for our records and future congressional hearing.

Please forward to the address below any copies of your filings and any letters of receipt you receive from the army:

Kristen Renee Foundation
PO Box 20914
Tampa, FL 33622

If you have NOT filed your claim95 form please do so asap!! Make sure you complete it in full. In order for it to be processed It must be completed in full, without omissions.  If you have questions or need help completing your form you may contact us at Info@fightingforfrederick.org or call (301) 433- 4561 and we will put you in contact with appropriate counsel.

Please see the link below to download the form and the instructions

sf-95 Claim Form: www.nwcg.gov/teams/ibpwt/forms/sf95.pdf

complete and mail to:

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
Claim and Tort Litigation
521 Fraim Street
Fort Detrick, MD  21702

We have been in communication with 3 different law firms who are all very eager to help all of us. For more information or questions about these law firms, please email us at info@fightingforfrederick.org

We are moving forward and significant progress is being made with our recent senate hearing and positive responses from congress.

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