October 21, 2010 WUSA9: Organization Alleges Water Contamination In Frederick, Md.



FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) — Could the water in Frederick be contaminated? And if so, is it causing hundreds of cases of cancer?

The organization Fighting for Frederick has tested the water and says the results show contamination in ground water.

Randy White is sharing documents he says proves that chemicals in the water are causing cancer.

“We independently have used two different labs to test the water,” he said.

He claims the chemicals are from Area B at Ft. Detrick.

According to officials at Ft. Detrick, the water they tested is safe.

“This is one well, [Ft. Detrick] tested this well and said that there’s no detection,” White says. “When we tested it, it was super-hot, full of toxins.”

Officials at Ft. Detrick invited 9 NEWS NOW to Area B in July. That’s when the base completed its contamination clean-up.

But White says he took water samples last month, and found high levels of several chemicals, including those Ft. Detrick identified prior to their clean-up.

Chuck Gordon, Ft. Detrick Spokesman, released a written statement, claiming the base’s tests “consistently
show drastic reductions in contamination levels over the years in and around Area B.”

He said there is no public health risk posed by Ft. Detrick, and that a preliminary report by the Frederick County Health Department “found no data to date to support any cluster allegations.”

White says he’s not convinced.

“Ft. Detrick in my opinion, has killed my daughter,” he said about his daughter Kristen Renee, who he says died from brain cancer.

White says he’ll and will continue to look for links leading back to Ft. Detrick.

White’s organization Fighting for Frederick, and the Kristen Renee Foundation, is holding a community meeting Saturday, November 13th from noon to 4 p.m. at the Weinberg Center.

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