October 14, 2010 For Immediate Release

The Kristen Renee Foundation Hold Press Conference in Frederick, MD

“Fighting for Frederick; Our City, Our Health” with it’s third Press Conference

(Frederick, MD) – October 14, 2010- The Kristen Renee Foundation will be holding its third press conference in response to the recent Maryland Department of Health preliminary review of a possible Cancer Cluster in Frederick, MD. The Kristen Renee Foundation will announce its most recent findings and lab results as well as its future plans in the fight against Fort Detrick on behalf of the many residents in Frederick County who have been affected by what is believed to be a cancer cluster.

Date: Thursday October 14, 2010

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Location: Best Western 420 Prospect Blvd., Frederick, MD 21704

The Kristen Renee Foundation discovered that Fort Detrick sprayed Agent Orange decades ago over Area B that was surrounded by farms and residences and is now an impacted community. The Foundation met with Fort Detrick officials and their attorneys to confirm this, gaining the admission that in fact, this was done by both flyovers and spraying from the back of trucks. The Kristen Renee Foundation has obtained evidence of additional hazardous waste buried on the Main Post Area A and a malfunctioning treatment system for ultra-hazardous waste.

Last week the Maryland Health Department released its initial review of a possible Cancer Cluster. These results do not include the cancer cases submitted by the Foundation to the Health Department and they only include cancer cases diagnosed between 2000-2007. The results are not an accurate view of what the Foundation and its independent health study which shows a distorted cancer profile in the community surrounding Fort Detrick, with over 600 cases of cancer, including brain cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma and leukemia, as well as rare cancers believed to be linked with Agent Orange exposure.   Fort Detrick officials have done little in responding to public concerns about the apparent high rates of cancer and other illnesses surrounding the Facility.  There had not been a health department study initiated until the Kristen Renee Foundation began questioning the high rate of cancers in the Fort Detrick area. Fort Detrick officials indicated that their own investigation shows that the U.S. Government performed aerial spraying of Agent Orange at Fort Detrick, and the full implications of this revelation have not been determined.  However, the Kristin Renee Foundation has submitted a Freedom of Information Request for any and all information related to this experimental program to better understand the possible relationship to the community’s health concerns.

In our ongoing Fight for Frederick, please join the Kristen Renee Foundation in attending the first Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee meeting where Subcommittee members will be announced. The meeting will be held today, October 14, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. in Conference Room C, Municipal Office Annex, 140 West Patrick Street, Frederick, Md. The purpose of the committee is to expand communications between the public, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and containment laboratories at Fort Detrick and in Frederick County.

Fighting for Frederick; Our City, Our Health

The Kristen Renee Foundation launched its campaign to investigate the findings associated with Fort Detrick Area B in May of this year.  In that time there have been major discoveries regarding cancer and others diseases in the community around Fort Detrick, as well as the use of Agent Orange and other toxic substances released throughout the Frederick area.

About Kristen Renee

Kristen Renee passed away in April of 2008 from a brain tumor, now a mere two years later her mother is battling stage four renal cell cancer. Their home was in Frederick, Maryland, near Fort Detrick. There have been many before their family and there are many currently in the area battling with similar situations. Many found with recent diagnosis are just 30-35 years old. Most are battling or have fought a form of lymphoma and many other cancers. Their addresses were all within 6 miles of each other, all surrounding Fort Detrick. Since the launch of “Fighting for Frederick; Our City, Our Health” thousands have visited the website and come forward with their own stories related to Fort Detrick and Area B.  For more information about the Kristen Renee Foundation and The “Fighting for Frederick” campaign please visit http://www.fightingforfrederick.org.

About Kristen Renee Foundation

The Kristen Renee Foundation is an endowment devoted to financing the research and cure for brain cancer in memory of Kristen Renee White.  Kristen died at the age of 30 on April 30, 2008 after a long difficult battle with brain cancer.  Kristen was a beloved mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend.  Through this foundation the family and friends of Kristen carry on the battle against brain cancer in hopes of one day a cure will be discovered.

About Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick is an active U.S. Army installation operated under the Army Medical Command (MEDCOM). Fort Detrick includes six non-contiguous land parcels (designated as Areas A, B, Area C Water Treatment Plant, Area C Waste Water Treatment Plant, Forest Glen Annex, and Glen Haven Annex). Areas A, B, and C, are located within the city limits of Frederick, Maryland.  Area B is approximately 399 acres and includes the Fort Detrick active municipal landfill, an animal farm (for research purposes), a former shooting range, waste disposal areas, an explosives storage area, and open fields used for historic research activities.


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