Sept. 23, 2010 MY FOX DC: Questions Unanswered After Fort Detrick Cancer Meeting


Some Frederick residents hoping to get answers about whether contamination from nearby Fort Detrick is causing their cancers, left a Wednesday night meeting frustrated.

The Fort Detrick Restoration Advisory Board, meeting in a Frederick hotel, would not field any questions about cancer. The board allowed in radio reporters with microphones, newspaper photographers with still cameras, but not our FOX 5 video cameras.

Randy White, who heads up the Kristen Renee Foundation, says that was unfair to the hundreds of residents who live within a two-mile radius of the base and have been diagnosed with cancer. They believe contamination from the base is the cause of their cancers.

A spokesman for the base told FOX 5 they have been involved in groundwater remediation since 1992, information they released to the newspapers. The base also announced it is starting an archival study of records from the base going back decades of what chemicals were used and where. But that study could take years and people who are battling cancer want more immediate answers.

The Frederick Health Department is studying whether there actually is a cancer cluster in the area near the base. Its preliminary results are due out October 4.

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