Buddy’s sickness and death after contamination at Ft. Detrick

A man’s life ruined, and a family’s dreams shattered by the actions of Fort Detrick. This is just one of many cases surrounding deadly controversial Army base.

“My Shattered Dreams” by Lena Dinterman

from Kristen Renee Foundation on Vimeo.

This video is the recording of Lena Dinterman telling the story of Howard “Buddy” Dinterman. In 1964, Buddy was exposed to contamination at Fort Detrick army base in Maryland

This video was filmed on February 15, 1990. Lena Dinterman would like for you to see exactly what happened to Buddy in 1964 when he went to work a healthy man. For 25 years he has been very sick. When he went to work that morning in 1964, he was well and hardy. At evening when I went to bring him home he had a fever of 103. The family doctor would not see him and told Lena to take him to Fort Detrick hospital. When she got him there his fever was 104. They put him and isolation at that time.

Ever since August 19, 1964, his condition has gotten progressively worse. At the time of the video, Buddy has been in bed for over six years. He can only be turned over long enough to change his diaper. He is blind he does not know who his own wife is… he does not know anybody. He cannot do anything for himself, or with his arms. His belly is swollen. He has a constant fever.

The way Lena Dinterman was treated after her husband became ill is a real atrocity. Watch the video to hear it in her own words of how the leaders of Fort Detrick treated her and Buddy.

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